Looking back on Obamacare, Pot. Gay Marriage ….

Untitled-4How come we still have the Tea Party?

ArtFart over at HorsesAss posted a great end of year comment:

“The wife and I spent New Year’s eve sipping some good wine and watching Ken Burns’ “Prohibition”.  In the last installment (entitled “A Nation of Hypocrites”) it depicted the leader of the WCTU, in the face of a national crime wave and more drunkenness and debauchery than America had ever seen, steadfastly proclaiming the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act to be an unqualified success, and crying bitter tears in the gallery as the House voted overwhelmingly to send the amendment to repeal to the states for ratification.  We couldn’t help but see the parallel with today’s die-hard defenders of “austerity” and “getting government off the backs of business” as the answer to everything.”

Same sees to apply even more to the new Pope vs his cardinals, the cannabis phobes, climate deniers, Megan Kelly’s White Jesus club, Obamacare opponents, staunch one man one woman types, ….


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