Bob Raymond, A Troll Emerges: TA offers Reward

Bob Raymond flatFESS UP ,, Is This You?
(TANews) Hacking is a violation of the Homeland Security Act.  The FBI has been able to trace the Hacker Bob Raymond via the NSA image database metadata cross referenced to the NSA phone call metadata database and surveillance camera databases from hospitals, churches, temples, Whole Foods, airports, clinics, and crime scenes in several cities.

While this is only a computer generated sketch, features are beginning to emerge.  TA will offer a TA beer mug to the first reader who can send us an accurate picture.

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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    Does that look like any of your relatives or their lawyers?

  2. theaveeditor #

    I am not sure. This guy says he is African Amerfican do I made Bob look like that., He also says he is a PhD but it was easier to make up a doc suit.

    The Udub is taking its time on the FOIA. Supposedly they have 300 pages of printout and need out notify everyone before they fess up to me.

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