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Christmas Shopping


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A Troll Leaves: Now we wonder .. who was that masked man?

The troll Bob Raymond has left a comment that he is no longer going to comment here. I do not know why “Bob”  left, however it may have to do with an ongoing investigation of who has hacked this site and my UW listserv.  It may also have to do with an inquiry I made […][...]

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Merry Christmas from Amazon’s elves in Germany!

BERLIN (AP) — Hundreds of workers at in Germany have walked off the job in an effort to put pressure on the American online retailer in the busy days before Christmas to settle on a new wage agreement.[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Teachers found not qualified in rich district!

‘50 percent of teachers not qualified’ The National Center for Assessment in Higher Education (Qiyas) has found that 50 percent of teachers are not qualified to teach students even in the richest state.[...]