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How White Men Count Coup, Part 2

The Swifts Find Wives A few days ago I related the odd story of Will and Tom Swift, twin brothers greatly divided by the effects of their father’s death.  Will became “The Great Avenger,” determined to kill as many Indians as he could in revenge for the death of father Swift at the hands of [[...]

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A Song For Our Times

I dedicate this to Kim Jong Un and all the lesser uns unlucky enough not to be rulers for North Korea.[...]

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North Korea is Good at Photoshop


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I did not even know the West Coast had an Avenger!

Reassuring the Trolls A commentator who frequently sends me emails was upset that story I wrote recently featured a character I called “The Great Avenger.”  Apparently he had an ancestor who used that name! This made me wonder how many folks have used Avenger as a  nicknames?  I did a[...]

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Buchenwald 13: The beginning, the monster gets fed.

From Wikipedia and USHMM 1938, in the aftermath of Kristallnacht, German SS and police sent almost 10,000 Jews to Buchenwald where the camp authorities subjected them to extraordinarily cruel treatment upon arrival. 255 of them died as a result of their initial mistreatment at the camp. This reflect[...]

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Does Amazon Use Slave Labor?

  Amazon — the future of retail?  Amazon’s warehouses are run like colonial enterprises — the staff are treated with contempt, paid badly, disciplined brutally, and set in competition against each other, often as temporary workers or on short-term contracts. Meanwhile, North of France: B[...]

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Banned in Boston

When I was a kid in Boston, the Watch and Ward Society was very real. Seems surreal now! I remember at Boys Latin getting a list of the books banned by the Watch and Ward society ,,,, now it look like a pretty good list of books to buy for your favorite niece as she […][...]