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Response to : Art Of Getting Disbarred For Perjury

THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW …………. After TA’s Post on Lawyers Committing Perjury, I found this amazing post from an attorney Ronald Sarno   New York Litigation Lawyer (now deceased) ” For the most part lawyers are considered advocates for their clients. They are expec[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Black Man to Head United States Secret Police?

The U.S. Senate confirmed  the next secretary of Homeland Security on Monday. In a 78-16 vote, the Senate approved Jeh Johnson, a former Defense Department general counsel, as as the next secretary of Homeland Security on Monday. Obama, another Black lawyer, described Mr. Johnson ,  “As the Pe[...]

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The Art Of Getting Disbarred For Perjury

Disbarment is somewhat like suicide. If you’re a neurotic lawyer hell-bent on self-destruction, there are a couple of easy ways to get yourself thrown out of the bar, and a whole bunch of messy ways that aren’t guaranteed to get the job done. I won’t go into the details of how to m[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Russian missile report sparks fears

Russia Threatens Baltic States After the fall of the USSR, Russia insisted in maintaining sovereignty over the enclave of Kaliningrad on the border of Poland and Lithuania and a short distance from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Now, Russia, in a Soviet style news release, denies that it is ” a [...]

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Another Country With Immigration Issues

Saudi deports its immigrants workers Saudi Arabia has a huge problem.  Saudis do not want to work for Saudi wages.  So, the Arab/uslim autocracy is deporting is deporting immigrant workers  ..  2 million Ethiopians, Somalis, Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, who make up around a third of th[...]

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What happened to HIPAA? .. Throwing medical records in the garbage?

 How My Diabetes Became Public Knowledge, All physicians know that patient data is confidential … Unfortunately lawyers and businessmen are less bound by morality and I get a lot of calls from companies knowing that I have diabetes, As a medical school professor, I am required to take onerous[...]

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Husky PR:Time to do a better job!

 This is what passes for UW Advertising. Nothing terrible about it but let me ask this …. who would send their kid to the school in this ad? This annual UW ad comes across as the product of 1950s Mad Ave folks selling a a party school, The UW here looks like a fun place […][...]

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WARNING: Storms to get MUCH worse

EXTREME: Experts issue an official warning regarding freak weather patterns [NORTH NEWS]     “EASAC feels obliged to draw attention to the growing impact of extreme weather in Europe” Sir Brian Heap, president of the European Academies Science Advisory Council Sir Brian Heap, president of th[...]

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Harvard Makes Me Proud

Harvard’s Three Things: An Origin Story Laid Bare             By Annie C. Harvieux and Colton A. Valentine           Today, it is said that there are three things every Harvard student must do before graduating: pee on the John Harvard statue, run in Primal Scream, and have s[...]