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Buchenwald 12: How the camp was built

Working During the Winter Holidays There were many ways to exterminate prisoners by work in Buchenwald, the official goal of Buchenwald was the destruction of the prisoners by that work. During the entire summer of 1937, the SS forced the prisoners to use their “free time” to carry huge [...]

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REPOST: Apple store opens in North Korea

See more at Jaunted Other links … This just seemed so much in theme with the events in North Korea that I wanted ot repost it from its original status on April 1. 2012.[...]

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What would Nelson do?

A sad note here .. The online History of Nelson Mandela:   reports that “Walter Sisulu, secured a job as an clerk at law firm … run by a liberal Jew, Lazar Sidelsky ….. At the firm, Mandela befriended Gaur Redebe, a Xhosa member of the [...]

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Two very different bargains. One is a somewhat boring Mac at a low price. CLICKHERE The other is a very innovative Windows 8 machine for more money and a lot more function. CLICKHERE This video gives a fascinating view of the Windows machine from Acer.  [...]

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Ford Pretends They Do Not Know That Alan Mulally is the Next CEO for Microsoft

Ford board of directors to press Alan Mulally about future plans Members of Ford’s board of directors want to know definitively if CEO Alan Mulally plans to stay with the automaker through next year as originally planned or leave sooner, possibly to helm Microsoft. The tech giant has been eval[...]

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The AVE Challenge

What new fad in 1661 was described as follows: ‘Tis extolled for drying up the Crudities of the Stomack, and for expelling Fumes out of the Head. …which can cleanse the English-man’s Stomak of Flegm, and expel Giddinesse out of his Head.” A. chewing tobacco B. chile peppers C[...]