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Time’s Man of the Year!


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Helping Real Veterans: Democrats Lead Effort to Recognize Heroism

Republican Cowardice One of the weirdest think about the Reprican party is the number of faux heroes .. from Reagan who landed on D Day in the movies to Bush who went AWOL during Vietnam to the FAUX (and Fox) fed outrage when Reprican cuts forced Obama to close the WWII monument during tCruz led [&h[...]

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What I Would Want For Xmas

If I were not Jewish ….  [...]

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How White Men Count Coup

Arrogance of The White Man I ran across a story a few days ago that reminded me of the amazing arrogance of my American brothers and why I have always insisted on being called a Jew rather than a “Whiteman.” The story was told by a local historian in a small town, lets call it […][...]

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Eichmann, the Austrian, found guilty 13 years ago, today

What a contrast, as we celebrate Mandela’s life, we have the remaining stench from Eichmann.  My own family has an odd tie to Eichmann’s story.  While most of what I have written refers either to our origins in Spain or the current fight about my father’s role in liberating Buche[...]

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Freedom Spot Photon Platinum – Portable 4G Hotspot w/ FREE High Speed Internet This is an amazing price.  I have used the older freedom spot for a year now and it si awesome.  Your Diamond Price$20.97      Grab it! 40 : 39 Shipping: $5 Condition: New Read more at[...]

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Climate Change: Precipitation

 The Atmospheric Sciences Friday colloquium yesterday was delivered as a Ph.D. defense by Angeline Prendergast, titled “The Atmospheric Energy Constraint on Precipitation Change”.  I’ve never interacted with her directly, but at some remove perceive her as active and bright.  Sh[...]