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THE Ave’s business.

As you know, THE Ave is a virtual pub.  everyone is free to come here drink our free virtual beer and speak their mind. BUT ,,, we need to have some standards so … what do I do about a troll? A commentator here named Bob Raymond has been quite persistent about challenging my typos and [&hell[...]

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Racist States: South Carolina Part 3.: Mandela was not an American!

 Sheriff Rick Clark of Pickens County*, S.C., refused to lower his flag for Mandela, who “did great things for his country and was a brave man but he was not an AMERICAN!!!” The post did not comment on whether the sheriff was referring to the flags of the Union of the Confederacy.    [...]

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What Kiev and Fremont have in common

Lenin Statue Toppled in Kiev Protests, World News Crowds toppled a statue of Soviet state founder Vladimir Lenin attacked it with hammers on Sunday in the latest mass protests against domination of Ukraine by a post Sviet regime with ties to and mored preserved from the fascist regime created by St[...]

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CHINA: Dalai Lama Blocked from Mandella Funeral

When will China learn that this sort of action makes them appear petty and weak?[...]

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“The whole world chose to come to be part of this momentous occasion. It’s a sad day not just for Israel but for world Jewry, a missed opportunity,” Zev Krenge,  president of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies. Johannesburg, South Africa – Benjamin Netanyahu has brought same on [...]

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Travelling During The Holidays


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THE Ave Challenge: Where is this woman?

A, Set for new Star Wars B. Fukushima C. Google data farm D. Large Hadron Collider E. UW fiber optic tunnel[...]