PRESIDENT ROMNEY: cutting crime using the sky eye

Oliver North, Secretary of Homeland Security, has announced two technological breakthrough, the Extreme Access System for Entry (EASE) and  Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance & Communication(PARC ), that will allow the Romney Administration to solve the immigration problem’

“These devices, developed by the same company that developed the Roomba® Vacuuming Robot show the ability of American Free Enterise to secure our borders,,” the Secretary said.

The devices, to be renamed Sky Eyes, will be mass produced and launched along the southern border. Any intruder can be followed for upt o seven days, amiking arrest and enforcement a simple matter.  The Secretary also announced that the verson purchased by Homeland Security, would be equipped with paint guns able to label illegal immigrants with an indelible dye, called Agent Yellow., makers of the Sky Eye, says that because the machines will be manufactured by Apple in their new ultra low wage factory near Pyong Yang, North Korea. the price will be low enough that the Department believes it can saturate the border. iRobot also has said it will offer the US government a dividend for every Sky Eye is sells to counties that need this technology .. apparently including North Korea, China, Israel, and the Vatican. says that similar versions could be used by military, police, and first responders in disasters to scope out buildings and search for enemy soldiers, criminals, or people in distress. They could also inspect buildings, bridges, and other structures for damage.

North, however, said that the biggest benefit would be for border control.

Check out the vid below of EASE being put to the test at Fort Benning, Georgia. What would you do if you saw it outside your window?


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