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THE Ave Challenge: What is this?

  a. Paul Allen’s latest toy b. a scene from new Disney comedy “Freelandia” c. Iran’s latest sub d. North Korean missile head e. Tunnel digger for last section of new Seattle highway[...]

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Behavior: Skinner vs Freud

This topic came up because I was trying to explain Skinner’s views of family conflicts to a Freudian. If you know some Freud, try clicking the card, otherwise here is a good place to start.[...]

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URGENT: Honoring Mandela

Saturday at Seattle Center will be the big public gathering to mourn the passing of Nelson Mandela in Seattle.  There will be no opportunity for speaking provided.  Still, it’s important to acknowledge the force that was Nelson Mandela.  Let us just remember his revolutionary spirit and t[...]

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China: Chang’e-3 probe enters lunar orbit

China’s Chang’e-3 probe entered the circular lunar orbit at 5:53 p.m. Friday Beijing Time, after about 112 hours of flying along Earth-Moon transfer orbit, the Beijing Aeropspace Control Center (BACC) said.[...]

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You are invited to a FREE screening of the film We’re Not Broke on December 15th at Northwest Film Forum. In the midst of the economic recession, lawmakers often cry, “We’re Broke!” as they slash budgets for the social safety net, education, transportation, and public safety. Meanwhile, mult[...]

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Dec 6: A Shameful Day

As we approach the day of infamy, Dec 7., Dec 6 has its own cliam to horrific shame ‘                  Dilip D’Souza tells what happende in India in 1992, 50 years after Pearl Harbor. Last year on Twitter on Dec. 6, some folks were trying hard to make the tag #ShauryaDiwa[...]

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