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Christmas in China?


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China’s moon shot on its way

BEIJING, Dec. 5 (Xinhua) — Chinese lunar probe Chang’e-3 will not perform a planned third trimming of its trajectory along the earth-moon transfer orbit, according to the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense. Chang’e-3, which is carrying moo[...]

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THE Ave Has Been Asked to Change Its Logo In response to a post on the UW AAUP listserv The UW is non profit but its components certainly can bring in more than their costs. Consider the sales under the UW logo.  Who makes money off of that?  Who actually owns the logo … the […][...]

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“I don’t give a shit about asylum seekers, but the journalists are to be blamed. They should be hanged; they are like the Jews.”

  Click the image to learn more about the mayor of Gföhler, Austria. The mayor says he is not thinking of resigning. Gföhl is located in the Austrian state of Lower Austria, with a population of nearly 4,000. A man like this should be forced to spend a year as a janitor in Buchenwald cleaning[...]

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(Modified slightly from original report by BBC) As the post Obama economy has recovered, Beverly Hills Caviar came to the rescue of harried holiday shoppers when it installed luxury vending machines in three major Southern California malls. LA’s first caviar ATMs debuted last week on Black Friday,[...]

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Happy Hannuka Last Night

The Maccabeats – Miracle – Matisyahu – Hanukkah[...]

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Miss Israel: Obama Invites First Ethiopean-Israeli Beauty Queen to Dinner

“This was an incredible moment,” Titi says. “Obama is a figure that I want to emulate. I did a project on him in school and I knew what he had been through and what he had done. He was like a mentor for me, so to meet him and say hello, it was like closing […][...]