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BREAKING NEWS: Swiss vote no to capping bosses’ pay at 12 times lowest paid

While Seattle’s Councilman Kshama Sawant  considers a minimum wage of $15 and a tax on our über wealthy,  the Swiss bourgeoisie have  rejected a measure that would have restricted executives to 12 times the earnings of the lowest paid employees. The initiative was place because of widespr[...]

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Who Loses from The Iran Deal? The Arabs

ISRAEL:  Netanyahu must now try to mend relations with Washington and weigh the significant risks of turning his back on the West and considering possible unilateral military options. If he is smart, he wil realize that peace with Abbas is is Israel’s only hope for a future. SAUDI ARABIA: The[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Obama doctrine comes to Iran

US and Iran Agree to Tread Gently on a Path to Peace Is this the  OBAMA Doctrine? From Geneva, a message … we have peace!  More aptly the US and Iran, with world wide support from the Europeans, Russians and China have agreed to test the possibilities of peace by a six month agreement by [&h[...]

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A piece of jawbone excavated from a prehistoric cave in England is the earliest evidence for modern humans in Europe, according to an international team of scientists. The bone first was believed to be about 35,000 years old, but the new research study shows it to be significantly older — betw[...]