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Scientific Diversity: African Americans Talk About Why We Have So Few “Divers” Scientists?

Is This a Real Problem? In an era where labs, AMERICAN labs, are filled with Chinese students, how is it we have so African Americans? The sad part here is the use of the term “people of color.”  The melanin content of scientists with origins from India, China, Japan, Korea … even[...]

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Roger Rabbit Our Bunny Attorney Comments on Interns

Here’s Corporate America’s new employment offer:  Jobs that pay nothing. Roger Rabbit Commentary:  The reason people are willing to do this, of course, is because blank spots on their resumes look really, really bad. So, with pa[...]

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Buchenwald 9: They still live: Holocaust survivors

Huffington Post Interviews survivors.    [...]

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Sould the UW Privatize and Leave Washington? Ask Mr. Balmer

Tim Egan’s has a very critical comment on Boeing’s decision to have other sates build on a lace tom build the 777x.  His comment was inevitable once Boeing moved its home offices to Chicago.  Boeing is now a global entity with no more loyalty to Washington State than it does to buil[...]

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