When Lawyers Act As Bullies

The LawyerFrom A Response to an Essay On Lawyers Acting As Bullies:

Let’s look at the real targets of bully lawyers — not other lawyers or even staff — it’s those they oppose.  The law provides a venue for someone with bullying tendencies, which we all have, to attack and harm in ways that truly should be illegal. Get yourself involved in a family law case and you’ll quickly see how rewarded a bully lawyer can be by our system and just how much damage they can do. There one in my town that is notorious, and yet you will not find a negative would about her on the web anywhere. Now that’s intimidation. The tragedy is it is all considered legal. You actually have more rights in some ways if you are accused of a crime than you do if you are involved, even in an ancillary way, in a lawsuit. Contempt if you do do not comply, privacy — what privacy?, freedom to speak freely to others — gag order, freedom not to testify — sorry you have to or be in contempt.


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