Nov 7 Norm Rice Elected Mayor of Seattle

Rice wins election as Seattle’s first African American mayor on November 7, 1989.  |

We voted for Norm .  The thing that is so hard to remember now is that the issues surrounding him were not race but conservatism.  In that era, conservatives might be republicans and some wondered if Norm was an R … imagine such a question today.

At least in Seattle, folks were more worried that coming from the banking world, Norm was too conservative for our liberal ideals.  The only time I saw discussion of Norm’s skin was on national news shows.

Norm today is known for his agenda … Mayor Nice, as he is called, pushed neighborhood development.


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  1. Bob Raymond #

    As a black living in Seattle, I am appalled by your racism. You claim that “the only time I saw discussion of Norm’s skin was on national news shows” – yet your blog (which I think is based in Seattle) brings up his race.

  2. theaveeditor #

    Are you African American?
    I am not sure what post you refer to. I just did a search and could not find one and THE Ave began after he was mayor do I suspect any reference would be to his polcicies or perhaps tp his interest at one time in being superintendent of the Schools .. something I supported.

    As for your being “appalled” MY racism?????????????. That is an easy charge to make as an anonymous voice. What are YOU talking about? Fpr that matter have you ever even met Norm, do you have frinds in the Seattle AA community? Were you here when he ran?

  3. theaveeditor #

    Why would I want to believe that you are black? You could be some Tea Party stars and bars type living in the deep south for all I know.

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