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Lawyers as Thugs: One Man’s Approach

If you’re willing to look a monster in the eyes, you just might find that he has no teeth. There are all kinds of lawyers …. civil right attorneys, lawyers hired by corporations to limit rights of employees, corporate lawyers who protect corporate rights at the expense of others who can not [...]

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Rabbis and Beards!

Over 4,500 rabbis gathered in Brooklyn this weekend for the Annual International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries, or Kinus Hashluchim. They came from over 80 nations in order to attend the conference, themed “Through Darkness A Shining Light.” My grandfather was a rabbi as well[...]

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Atheists Acting Badly

I am an atheist. Why would I ever want to insult others like this? The people in this video, sadly, are behaving in a manner I can only call “Christian.” T he ugliness of evangelism is not limited to believers. Atheists, raised in this culture can be equally hateful. Readmore about athei[...]

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Ebay Apologizes For Making MOney Off of the Holocaust

eBay Issues Apology For Holocaust Items Listed On Site AP  | Ebay sign on the Hamilton Avenue Campbell, CA campus. red, blue, yellow and green primary colors on black background. | Getty LONDON (AP) — Online auction site eBay has apologized after a newspaper found apparent Holocaust memorabil[...]

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Be a Plumber

Mayor Bloomberg’s advice to students: Become plumbers A college education won’t necessarily fatten your pockets, but the billionaire mayor of New York City has a suggestion he wants students to consider before they sign any costly tuition checks: what about becoming a plumber?[...]

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Applesauce: Apple’s share falls, Microsoft’s rises, Google rules in phones

  Readmore at Engadget[...]

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I was an enthusiast for art on the web.  Democracy was good, I thought. Chicago Sun-Times lays off entire photo staff: switches to freelancers According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times has laid off its entire photography staff, and plans to use freelance reporters and phot[...]

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Buchenwald 5: who is Viktor Kempf?

From the Vancouver Sun  News that an online vendor – identified as a Vancouver man – was selling Holocaust memorabilia on eBay has ignited outrage around the globe. News that an online vendor – identified as a Vancouver man – was selling Holocaust memorabilia on eBay has ign[...]

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Lawyers as Thugs: When lawyers use their authority to beat up the “rest of us”


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Buchenwald 4: Profiteering off of the Holocaust

While my family feud is  going on, an English newspaper, The Mail. reports that eBay has hosted sales of the clothes of concentration camp victims including the striped uniform thought to have belonged to a Polish baker who died in Auschwitz, which was on sale for £11,200. Within hours of being al[...]