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October 13th, 2013 - 10:36 pm § in The Ave Scene

BREAKING NEWS: CEO of Microsoft is Alan Mulally

        The Ave.US has learned from contacts in Detroit, at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and staff working for the board of the Broadmoor Golf Club that Alan Mulally has been chosen as the new CEO of Microsoft.   Mr. Mulally was the choice of many because of three things.  Fir[...]

October 13th, 2013 - 9:59 pm § in Politics

BREAKING NEWS: Tea Party Makes Sneak Attack by Crossing the Potomac

Banks Shedding Short-Term Gov’t Debt… IMF Calls For ‘Urgent Action’… House Republicans Changed The Rules So A Majority Vote Couldn’t Stop The Government Shutdown Paul Ryan Rallies Conservatives Against Senate Shutdown, Debt Ceiling Deal Elder Statesman of Tea Part[...]

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The AVE Scene: Chittendon Locks Closed Down By Republican Terrorists

The Constitution dictates that all navigable waters must be kept open, BUT it says nothing about letting tourists and citizens see the boats going through those waterways. So we drove by there today … CLOSED BY ORDER OF THE REPUBLICAN TEA PARTY![...]

October 13th, 2013 - 2:56 pm § in The Ave Scene

BREAKING NEWS: Repricans Take King Crab Season Hostage

SEATTLE Crab Fleet Taken Hostage by Republican Patriots The Bristol Bay red king crab season is set to open Oct. 15, with a harvest of 8.6 million pounds, similar to last year. catch;At Pure Foods Fish at Pike Place Market, king crab is currently $34.50 per pound.  “I could see it going up [...]

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The Real Reason The Tea Party Likes Cruz

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy[...]

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SCIENCE: Rejection means your paper is better!

A large-scale survey of the process for submitting research papers to scientific journals has revealed a surprising pattern: manuscripts that were turned down by one journal and published in another received significantly more citations than those that were published by the first journal to receive [...]

October 13th, 2013 - 12:11 pm § in America

BREAKING NEWS: Tea Party Forces Continue Siege on Government

Paul Ryan Rallies Conservatives To Continue Shutdown, Block Debt Ceiling Deal[...]

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UPDATE: Itsss Baaaaack! HorsesAss is down!  I went there this AM for my Sunday Bible reading and the site is down? For those of you who do not know, HA has been Seattle’s premiere political website.  Funded by David Goldstein as a protests against local right wing political profiteer, Time[...]

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Tea Party

 Rep Morgan Griffith, Republican of Virginia, reports “We have to make a decision that’s right long-term for the United States, and what may be distasteful, unpleasant and not appropriate in the short run may be something that has to be done,”  “I will remind you that this group of renega[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: God Punished Europe For Evil Done to Americas

Tomorrow we celebrate Columbus discovery of America Syphilis TopNews of India, by Jamie Williamsonon Wed, 12/21/2011 – 11:54 Washington, Dec 21 : Scientists have confirmed that syphilis did not exist in Europe before Christopher Columbus made his historic voyage in 1492. Previous studies of b[...]