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New York – Gobble Tov! American Jews Ready For Thanksgivukkah Yesterday  06:39 PM New York – It’s a turkey. It’s a menorah. It’s Thanksgivukkah! An extremely rare convergence this year of Thanksgiving and the start of Hanukkah… Read More »[...]

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Balmer Blues: THE Ave banned from Microsoft Stores

I guess somebody in Redmond is reading the Ave.  This site is now blocked if you try to connect form a Microsoft store. A friend in China tells me we are banned there too! Maybe I should add warning label te the front page? BANNED IN REDMOND Readmore about Microsoft on THE Ave.[...]

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Why the Uninteligent Designer Made Us Polygamous

The sex ratio does not imply monogamy.  I suspect most mammals have similar sex ratios whether they are monogamous or polygamous. A good case can be made for polygamy given that between gestation and lactation, human females are only useful (in a genetic sense) ever 3 years or so.  Men are always [...]

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Racism: Honoring the Stars and Bars


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Slur of the Day: What Chinese call their Honkeys

Gweilo, gwailo, or kwai lo (鬼佬) (used in South of Mainland China and Hong Kong) A White man. Loosely translated as “foreign devil;” more literally, might be “ghost dude/bloke/guy/etc.” Gwei means “ghost.” The color white is associated with ghosts in China. A l[...]

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Can African Americans Become Just (White) Folks

Study: Black students at white colleges fear losing cultural identity[...]