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Romney ans ObamaOn Friday’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” on CNN, President Romney criticized members of his own party for using a threat of a government shutdown,. He also had hard words for former President Obama,

Mr. Romney said “Well, again, they’re all — we’re all fighting for the same thing, which is finding a way to repeal Obamacare,”  I don’t like Mr. Obama and would like to find some other way to solve the nation’s problems with health care costs.  Of course, there are differences of opinion as to what plan we would replace the Affordable Care Act.  Sen. Cruz is sincere but he spoke for 20-plus hours.  You give Ted credit for bringing attention to a very important issue, but what is his alternative?”

“Of course, the  shutdown is not going to help me run this country!  I don’t know what I am supposed to do? Should I say, ‘OK, fine — we’ll get rid of Obamacare?  The problem with that is I need to follow the law.  Otherwise, I would delay the thing by at least a year.  Besides, we have a large families and benefit greatly from the guaranteed care for pre existing conditions. Whatever replaces Obamacare we need to keep the parts he good parts, the parts he plagiarized from my plan in Massachusetts.  We have to do a better job than just insure that most Americans can get affordable care, we have to innovate, be creative, show the world the right way is our way !”

“The central issue is who is to blame for thiis mess?  There’s no question that the political dysfunction is the cause of many of the problems of the country,” he added. “And leadership is what is able to break through the kind of dysfunction you’re saying, and unfortunately we did not see the right kind of leadership in the Obama White House. That president spent his time attacking the opposition party .  He was almost paranoid, imaging malevolent intent behind my party’s patriotic values and purposes. .

“Senator Cruz’ effort is a noble step to fixing the damage done by our country!”

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