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BREAKING NEWS: Reprican Terror Continues

White House Condemning the Radical Republican Effort  To Defund US Government Today Republicans in the House of Representatives moved to shut down the government. Congress has two jobs to do: pass budgets and pay the bills it has racked up. Republicans in Congress had the opportunity to pass a rout[...]

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Cuba on Mandela

Mandela, a life devoted to equality • “I always treasured the ideals of a democratic and free society, a society in which everyone would live in peace and enjoy equal opportunities. This is the ideal situation that I want to create and something that I really want to transform into reality. [...]

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The AVE Challenge: Where was this cartoon published?

A. Iran B. Egypt C. Denmark D. England E. Saudi Arabia  [...]

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Airline to offer FREE water!

File photo: Aero Icarus/Flickr Norwegian airline to offer free water on long flights Budget airline Norwegian is to serve free drinking water and will accept cash payments on long-haul flights after thirsty passengers were left high and dry for up to 12 hours, it said on Wednesday. READ (1 comment)[...]