Is Buffy a Mormon?

Recently I read that the Mormons have baptized Anne Franke, converting her in the afterlife.  What Would Buffy do if someone did this to one of her undead friends?  Are there Mormon vampires ro just Mormon Slayers? 

A bubbly blonde sporting black leather and whomping vampires hardly seems a spiritual paragon, but …Riess argues that the show “offers a deep spiritual core ”  .. “spiritually eclectic” canon “

 Joanna Riess, a devout Mormon, is the author of “What Would Buffy Do: The Vampire Slayer as Spiritual Guide” and “Mormonism for Dummies.”

I imagine that Ms. Ries is a very fine person, but how does she deal with the magic of Buffy vis á vis the magic of The Book of Mormon?  Are they the same thing to her?How do educated Mormons deal with their stories?  Surely they know that Jesus never came here and that the indigenous americans came from Kamchatka to find a better place to live rather than fleeing from Judea after the Assyrian constuction? Is the real story of Ms. Riess, and others who enjoy the magical stories of their own religions, the same as the pleasure many of us get out Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, or Buffy?It is all too easy to diss Mormons because so much of their canon is just plain silly.  Of course, anyone doing that needs to arm themselves with disbelief in Jesus, Vishnu, Mohamed’s magic horse, …. As an atheist, my life is relatively easy, I can wonder at the “magic” of science without these kinds of worries.  How do Mormons manage?

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