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America Wins America’s Cup Without Americans

Both boats built in New Zealand, Crew An Australian Captain, 6 from New Zealand, 3 from Holland, 1 from Antigua, 1 from Italy, 1 from England, a Canadian, a Frenchman and 1 American. By the way … is this a sailboat?:  Seems to me the rules ought to require that the damn things be built [&hell[...]

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Mr. Schwartz?

Stimulated by the odd encounter with a cop, I decided to ask the web who was “MR, Scwartz?  I did not even know about the MR. Schwartz character in the Y9uTube  until I happened on this video. Gad, I hoe that cop did not mean to say this this guy was me !!! Maybe he […][...]

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Paying Taxes to Harvard

How Taxpayers Are Helping to Finance Harvard’s Capital Campaign Thanks to its status as a nonprofit organization, the university reaps the benefits of tax deductions for donors, which is a gross misallocation of public resources, writes Kevin Carey. On the local level, at least as I am told, w[...]

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New Beginings .. The Jewish Year and The Miracle of Reading

Some 3000 years ago the Hebrews invented the first “phoenetic” alphabet.  Technically this breakthrough was the use of characters ot represent vowels.  The effcct, however, was not unlike the advent of printing or the internet …  the average Jew could now read! What did they rea[...]

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President Romney to GOP: Do Not Close The Government

  President Romney Warns Against Government Shutdown Threats WOLFEBORO, N.H. –The White House has released a speech the President gave last August Purging his fellow Republicans not to shut down the government over the funding for the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Romney jumped into the debate[...]