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Breaking News: Kenya

Kenyans say they control mall, attackers say no NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) – Islamic militants who staged a deadly attack on a Kenya mall said Tuesday hostages are alive and their fighters are “still holding their ground,” calling into question Kenyan officials’ claims that they wer[...]

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Origins Of The Schwartz Family Feud, Part 1.

from my sister’s website, a letter written by me “For those of you who have not heard, my Dad, Robert Schwartz, died a week ago [June 7, 2008] at Boston Medical Center. Sadly his was not an easy death. Tough to the end, he did did not want to go. Even on his death bed, […][...]

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One country in Asia is a regular source of problems. …The Philipines?

Causing trouble in the S. China Sea will hurt Manila (People’s Daily Online) One country in Asia is a regular source of problems. One might ask whether it fears being overlooked. That country is the Philippines. Playing hardball with China On July 15 a spokesperson from the Philippine Departme[...]