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Poverty in The US

Richest country�s empty plates Fifty million people in the United States go to bed hungry.[...]

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In an informal meting with  the publisher of the Washington Post, Mr. Romney was asked how he felt about the decision of  Russian President Vladimir Putin to seek a 4th presidential term in 2018. Mr. Romney laughed and assured Mr. Bezos that this culd not happen here in America.  He said, “[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Bill Nye gives testimoney


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What is a rabbi? Part 1.

Part of this argument with my brother Hugh is that he wants to dispute that my grandfather was a rabbi.  My brother  doubts that Zadi Schwartz was ordained since he did not lead a congregation. Sadly this shows an all too common ignorance of the meaning of the term “Rabbi” and the grea[...]

September 22nd, 2013 - 1:58 am § in Misc.

What is a Rabbi? Part 2.

 continued The term “rabbi” is very different from the term “minister” or priest.  The rabbinate is not even mentioned in the Torah, Judaism’s only source of written law.  Rabbinical authority, also called Smircha or Semikhah ( סמיכה‎) has no relationship to p[...]