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Mayor Races: Republicans Endorse Weiner, De Blasio may win outright in NY

Daily Caller editorial board endorses Anthony Weiner for mayor Read more: Meanwhile in NY: Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: De Blasio flirts with outright win in New York mayoral prima[...]

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African Americans Are Hypocrits Too

Are black critics of Syria intervention hypocrites? Zerlina Maxwell OPINON – African-Americans were very outspoken in criticizing the United States for not intervening in Rwanda, but the current humanitarian crisis is not inducing that same support…[...]

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BREAKING NEWS:The UN May Show Its Value in Syria

Paris – France to Propose Resolution Aimed at Dismantling Syria’s Chemical Arsenal Today 07:31 AM Paris – France is to put forward a U.N. Security Council draft resolution for Syria to give up its chemical weapons, quickly turning a Russian idea… Read More »[...]

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Reagan Lives


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Nursing and Western Governors University

comment from a nurse about WGU: I am a Registered Nurse.  I got the degree that made me eligible for the NCLEX exam at a traditional brick and mortar college, and one of the oldest nursing programs in the country.  Nursing courses are all pass/fail.  The NCLEX exam is pass/fail.  Some schools gr[...]

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As UW Funding Dwindles Boeing Moves Engineering Out of State

According to the Seattle Times, Boeing is committed to moving its crown jewels , high tech engineering jobs from Washington state The UW keeps trying to explain to Olympia that huge tech jobs will not stay here if we do not invest in higher ed.  Booing sees the light …. Mike Delaney, head of [...]

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The Ave Challenge:What is it?

A. 1950s cafeteria,   B. Parts bin for von Braun’s rocket, C. Scene from Soviet movie “The Brain,” D. 1949 computer, E. First IBM digital telephone receptionist      [...]