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Peace in Israel/Palestine: Crazy Jews Want Crazy Arabs To Block Peace!

Toronto – Neturei Karta Attends Shabos Event Where Leaders Call On Palestinians To Shoot Israelis (video) Yesterday 05:58 PM Toronto – Neturei Karta activists attended the annual Al Quds Day rally on Shabos over the weekend, during which the former president of Canadian NGO… Read M[...]

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APPLESAUCE: DOJ won’t let Apple go

DOJ: Apple shouldn’t ‘be rewarded’ with same terms as publishers The Department of Justice, which recently won an antitrust case against Apple, also says publishers could revert to their own tricks as soon as their limitations expire.[...]

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Doing away with the US Mail.

A  bill introduced by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) proposes to replace hme delivery with a centralized delivery system “The commonsense reforms in this legislation will restore the United States Postal Service to long-term financial solvency while maintaining high-quality universal service for al[...]