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‘Anything But Humane’: Tibetan Exposes China from the Inside

AP A high-ranking Communist Party official has written a book exposing the crimes of the Chinese against Tibetans. His fellow party members still don’t suspect that he has defected to the opposition. A Tibetan who once believed in the Chinese Communist Party and carved out a career within the [...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: A story of marijuana, Jesus, and a Harvard House.

What role do Universities have in controlling what goes on in their dorms?  based on reports in Boston Magazine and the Crimson. Harvard student  Brittany Smith was a scholarship student at Harvard and about to graduate.  Last Fall, after graduation, Ms. Smith was sentences to three years in pris[...]

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Man held after four-year-old son shoots neighbour kid Submitted by Jamie Williamson on Wed, 05/15/2013 – 02:55 Washington, May 15 – The father of a four-year-old boy in New Jersey was arrested after his son fatally shot a six-year-old neighbour in the head, CNN reported. Anthony Senatore[...]

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American Gladiator Sports

The Romans are reviled for the gladiator sports.  Events where slaves were paid with money, women and even potential elevation to citizenship. After Constantine, in Christian Rome, this was elevated to state status, the games were not just part of the way of appeasing the masses, watching other die[...]