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Secretary of State John Kerry Announces the Resumption of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Negotiations

July 19, 2013

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are set to resume peace talks after years of a diplomatic lull.

The announcement of the resumption of peace negotiations came from Secretary of State John Kerry in Amman, Jordan today, after six rounds of talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders and after meetings with Arab diplomats and world leaders.

Secretary Kerry said that the details of the agreement on the resumption of negotiations will be finalized next week between senior Israeli and Palestinian delegations in Washington.

“This is a significant and welcome step forward,” Kerry said, and added that further announcements regarding the resumption of peace talks will be made sometime next week.

To view a video clip of Kerry’s Amman statement, click here.

APN strongly welcomed this exciting development. APN called on Israeli and Palestinian leaders to negotiate in earnest, on all stakeholders to support the diplomatic process, and to create an environment conducive to successful peace negotiations.

Stay tuned! We will be giving you the best analysis of these exciting developments from security expert Yossi Alpher in Monday’s edition of Hard Questions, Tough Answers, APN’s weekly news analysis.



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