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More Demagoguery

JEANTEL: ‘THE JURY, THEY OLD. THAT’S OLD SCHOOL PEOPLE. WE IN NEW SCHOOL. MY GENERATION’… AP-Still-Referring-to-Zimmerman-as-White”>AP Still Referring to Zimmerman as ‘White’.. Jantell mentors Piers MOragn on -the-difference-between-nigga-and-nigger Is th[...]

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Immigration and Obama

During Ms. Napolitano’s first four years in office, the government deported as many illegal immigrants as Mr. Bush’s administration did in eight. By the end of this year, at the current pace, the Obama administration will have deported about two million people, roughly as many as were ejected fr[...]

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Hypocrisy and Race

Was George Zimmerman  afraid? The call for more legal actin against George Zimmerman is based on the idea that his actions were motivated by his fear of a young black man.  If so, George Zimmerman is the wrong target.  I  suspect that  Mr. Zimmerman would be a very unusual man if he was not afr[...]

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More Sharpton

Al Sharpton: ‘Merits’ of Case Did Not Spur Zimmerman Prosecution Monday morning, appearing on the Tom Joyner Show, Al Sharpton suggests George Zimmerman was not prosecuted on the merits of the Trayvon Martin case but more because of the political pressure Sharpton placed on Florida offic[...]