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Primer on Seattle Mayor Race

CLICK THE HAND or go here to see where the cash is![...]

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“They are trying to tick you off.” Caller “Tony in Tampa” was ranting about coal as a patriotic fuel, when Rush heard that Tony was reacting to a panel  “somewhere on Fox,” Limbaugh–who recently accused the network of trying to prevent him  cut in: “[...]

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An interview with Snowden

Der Spiegel ran this interview with Snowden: Interviewer: What is the mission of America’s National Security Agency (NSA) — and how is the job it does compatible with the rule of law? Snowden: They’re tasked to know everything of importance that happens outside of the United States[...]

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News Before the Web: July 9

  July 1986, a 26-foot-deep sinkhole opened up on W. Broad Street , Columbus Ohio in front of the LeVeque Tower, swallowing a brand-new Mercedes. Read more[...]

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PRESIDENT ROMNEY: Entering 2014 Campaign

Fresh of Anne Romney’s triumph in the South Carolina Horse Olympics, Mr. Romney is geatrung up for the 2104 campaign Mitt Romney is already looking ahead to how he can help in 2014. In a Thursday interview with the Wall Street Journal, Romney unveiled how he plans to make a national impact dur[...]

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Are Polar Bears Really Irish?

Ancestry of polar bears traced to Ireland An international team of scientists has discovered that the female ancestor of all living polar bears was a brown bear that lived in the vicinity of present-day Britain and Ireland just prior to the peak of the last ice age — 20,000 to 50,000 years ag[...]

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America’s Future: Look to The North?

Canada, home of rational people, a salad bowl of cultures, national healthcare, and state paid education is slipping to the right on a film of oil Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the right-wing  leader from Alberta and an American style evangelical Christian, is using Canada’s new found oil we[...]