Balmer Blunders: Will Win 8.1 Fix Things.

BALMER green vf2

MS Leaking News About Win 8.1

Sadly, the preliminary leaks suggest that 8.1 will not address the central problem … Windows * is not finished. If Win 8 were ready for release you would be able to create tiles with — USEABLE icons, rather than big swathes of color with tiny logos, you would be able to create tiles that link to websites .. again with useable logos, you would be able to organize the start screen with nested tiles so the screen does not look like a pack rat’s nest.

Another big issue .. even on a full. Intel based PC many traditional applications can not be launched from the Start Screen because that screen restricts users ability to use plug ins.

The there is hole fiasco over the loss of the sart button.  What the hell was Blamer thinking?  Doe she ever use a PC?  The start button in Win 7 opened a tool that did a lot … not just showing recent programs and files (soemthing the start screens till can not do) but offering an organized way of finding your tools .. programs and windows settings.

Rather than fix all this MS is doing two patches:

1.If you lose an app on the start screen you can call to it, just like I call my cat when I can not find her.

This is a now old Mac trick. not useless but a kludge! The START SCREEN needs organization tools. The obvious place to look is at the icon system in older windows .. make tiles as flexible as icons while keeping the new features of tiles. I should not have to treat an app like I do my cat .. calling her to come would be a terrible way if I needed her to run my PC!

2. Letting users boot into the old mode.

Sure .. seems to me though this is called “giving up.” There ARE great ideas in the new interface, why not make IT work?


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