Peter Steinbrueck PLEASE COME OUT!

Allen's Lake UnionFrom an interview with the Seattle Times: The crux of my campaign and my mission is to improve that equation. There are principles of livability that I know and understand well. We can’t simply pave over everything and lose sun and light and our green spaces.

South Lake Union, for example, could be a model of ecological development, but we’re fast losing that opportunity. The trajectory it’s on is to become one massive office park. Commercial growth has far outstripped residential. The housing is not affordable to the workforce there.

The best development principle we have is living close to work. It reduces transportation costs, congestion, pollution. Other things South Lake Union should have: a fire station, a school, a community center. Where’s the community center? It’s the Vulcan real estate office. I’m serious.

SMS:  So?   Why doesn’t Peter make this THE issue.  SLU is a diasterfor Seattle.  Peter’s description of SLU as a “massive office park” is the truth.  Architects tell me that the buildings will age quickly because they are designed, like suburban offices, to be recycled every 30 years.  Corrugated aluminum and fau wood sidings in bright colors are not going to bring SLU through the next recession. 

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