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Is Steve Meyer One of Seattle’s Great Biologists?

The Discovery Institute’s mask just slipped a bit more Atheism, Creationism by PZ Myers That ghastly collection of homophobes and right-wing zombies, Focus on the Patriarchy, is starting a new initiative to take on the happily growing army of student atheists. They’re launching a series of ‘ed[...]

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How POverty Is Transforming Greece

Stefanoudaki certainly misses what money used to buy, but even more than that, she says she longs for the peace of mind that her salary once provided.  “I am in a constant battle with myself.  I’m tired. I’m stressed. I miss being calm. I want to daydream about things I will do in the future[...]

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Airlines: No Free Lunch, then no lunch, then np flights

Flight delays pile up Monday after FAA budget cuts It was a tough start to the week for many air travelers as federal budget cuts led to cascading delays along the East Coast Monday morning. One commentator at the Seattle Times: “Perhaps we should raise the cost of airline tickets to cover the[...]