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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: The meaning of Easter when Radicals Disrupt Christian Religous Service

Topless German Tries to Ruin Mass         Thinking about the radical meanings of Christianity …. a deity who sacrificed Himself by crucifixion, perhaps it is understandable when others use Hid ass as a platform for their own radical opinions.  Of course, the conservative commentator, [...]

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More bad news for Apple.[...]

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More Foreign Students Buy a US Education

While US legislators seem to be driving Americans from attending college, our colleges still sell well around  the world.  The Institute of International Education reported in 2011 there were 5.7 percent more international students than the year before, totaling 764,495 students.   This is not t[...]

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HUMOR: April 20: National Marijuana Day

What’s so special about 4/20? It has long been debated as to why April 20, the unofficial holiday of the Marijuana enthusiast, has been celebrated. While there is one technically true meaning behind the day (and thus the number ‘420’) there are a number of other things speculated t[...]

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Andrew Sullivan on Circumcision

Andrew Sullivan on circumcision.[...]