Is Google Trying to Kill the Microsoft Surface?

sms toon my godI got a strange pop up today from the Mail app .. saying I needed to log into gmail!

Thinking this was a phish, I called the MS store.

They tell me that Gmail calendar and contacts can no longer synch with the Win 8 environment.

This is a bummer! Maybe a Surface kiss of death!

A lot of Win apps. esp those that are RT specific, REQUIRE the MS Mail/Contacts/Calendar apps. While you can still get your email over the web, the web based cal and contacts is not going to work with anything that requires desk top apps … try “sharing” a web page or a PDF!

All MS has to offer is switching to but I work with other people and we share Gmail calendars and contacts. I even have seven of my own computers that would need to be changed to

I gather this was Google’s decisions because they do not want to pay for Active Synch BUT the customers who bought a Surface RT are really being eff’d.

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