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What Sequester Means at the UW and Hutch

NIH: 10% Cut in Existing Grants:  This is even worse than it sounds.  About 30% of any grant is flexible.  The rest is for salaries, funds that can only be cut over a tear or more.  So a “10%” cut will mean a 20 to 30% cut in the researchy ebinbg done! NIH has published […][...]

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WOW … Readmore ……….. BREAKING NEWS:WASTATE Supreme Court to Rule on Legality of Taxes TODAY! The Washington State Supreme Court is set to issue a decision tomorrow morning on whether or not the voter-approved rule—in this case, Initiative 1053—that requires a two-thirds v[...]

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Hillary: Meryl Streep’s next role?

4 in 10 Americans want Meryl Streep to play Clinton in movie: Poll[...]

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NRA: Screw the UN!

UN Arms Treaty: NRA Vows To Fight Regulation Of $70 Billion Global Arms Trade[...]