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Happy Valentines Day

Say ‘I love you’ with your 3D-printed chocolate face If your love is sweet, then 3D-print yourself for Valentine’s Day and give the gift that says so. At a recent workshop in Tokyo, attendees made bite-size versions of their heads in chocolate. Hosted by 3D-printing firm KS Design [...]

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Send a Valentines’ Day cards tp Afghanistan? Can we send our girls in combat boxes of chocolates? Of course part of this story is a change in the definition of combat. A 5′ 2″ lady is likely as agile driving a HUMVEE or “manning” a sniper rifle as any Schwarzenegger. Is[...]

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The AVE Challenge: How much money did Sarah Plain earn per word at FOX News?

A Smart Politics review of the more than 150 FOX broadcasts in which Sarah Palin appeared as a paid commentator from 2010 through 2012 finds that she spoke 189,221 words on air during this span, for an average pay rate of[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: WA Reprican wants Obama to bail her party out

Cathy McMorris Rodgers R WA) and  Chair of the House Republican Conference says it is “extremely disappointing” that President Obama did not take the blame for the sequester mess the Repricans have created.  She calls the sequester the “big issue that is right in front of us” and  say[...]

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Is Climate Change Real Yet?

Science doubters say world is warming WASHINGTON (AP) – Nearly 4 out of 5 Americans now think temperatures are rising and that global warming will be a serious problem for the United States if nothing is done about it, a new Associated Press-GfK poll finds. Belief and worry about climate chang[...]

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ART: Rothko


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A Valentine Day Card to My Wife

Song of Solomon 4:5-6 Your breasts are perfect; they are twin deer feeding among lilies. I will hasten to those hills sprinkled with sweet perfume and stay there till sunrise.[...]

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Valentine from Sarah Palin

 Is this sexist?  .. I mean, is Sarah Palin demeaning to women?[...]

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Happy Valentine’s Days From Victoria


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North Koreans Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Pictures from last year’s celebration.[...]