The North vs. South Divide in Europe

two europesCrisis Will Reveal French President’s True Contours

Is French President François Hollande a reformer or a traditional leftist? He’s a man who enjoys his role as France’s leader, but many voters are asking themselves who it is they elected. He’s a staunch opponent of Angela Merkel’s austerity measures and has made combatting them a priority. His true political agenda may only become apparent as the euro crisis continues. By Mathieu von Rohr in Paris


Schäuble’s Secret Austerity Plan for Germany


The German government and opposition are pledging higher benefits for pensioners, families and the long-term unemployed ahead of elections next year, but Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble is secretly planning cutbacks to prepare for a weakening economy and possible fallout from the euro crisis. By Christian Reiermann and Michael Sauga more…

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