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E-mail : deleted! a real person responded

OK … another WGU post.  This time I posted the email too.  Who knows this coud be a real person who beoievees that WGU’s accreditation (actually it is fairly easy to get accredited .. mostly am a lot of paperwork) overcomes the fact that it gives degrees based on pass fial exams and “courses” taught with no faculty oversight.Would you hire a WGO computer engineer or be happy that your kid was being taught by a WGU science teacher who leanrewd physics in her kitchen from a mailed kit?

WOW!!!!!!!!! There is so much misinformation in this article/blog. WGU holds regional accreditation which is the gold standard for colleges and universities in the United States. There is no way this accreditation would be obtained if it were a “certificate mill”.

As for certificates , THAT is a huge part of what WGU does .. it resells online courseware that awards certificates, e.g. from Microsoft.  There is nothing wrong with these certificates .. other than the bucks WGU makes equating these to college courses.

By the way, their online nursing program is designed for nurses who are already RNs to obtain their bachelor’s or Master’s degree. There is no certification to be offered by WGU or any other University. Don’t believe me? Check out any other public or private university that offers an RN to BSN or MSN (management or education) program. You will find hundreds of other schools offering the same degree with the same classes. The nursing program is accredited by CCNE which is one of two professional nursing agencies that accredits nursing programs (brick and mortar or online) nationwide.

Same issue. Like MS certificates, this treats a bachelors (or master’s) degree as a certificate .. what WGU calls “competency.”  There is a huge difference between taking a pass fail test and showing you can do real WORK.  If anythng this makes me wonder if other “bach” degrees are accomplishing more than showing that students can lerarn to pass tets.  Personally I would rather have MY nurse show other REAL she can function  in a leadership role.

Your post is laughable. I hope no one reads this stuff and takes you serious. This is the first post that I have read on this blog. I can’t believe you have the nerve to “review” an education program with your vast misinformation and misspelling. Perhaps I’ve been punked?

Maybe you have been punked by WGU?

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  1. jene #

    LOL Thank you for posting my email address. Am I supposed to be intimidated? This response that you posted is just as bizarre as the one I initially responded to. WGU does not award degrees by having students merely pass tests. Where are you getting that erroneous notion from? A simple look at the degree guide for the bachelor’s in nursing or business for example will show that there are exams, practicums, essays, research papers, capstone projects, etc. required to pass the classes in order to receive the degree. This is my last post. I’m not sure why I responded. Looking at previous comments from other posters I realize NO ONE is taking you seriously.

  2. theaveeditor #

    I ahd not intention of intimidating you. It was your choice to send the address.

    As for the rest, yes I know that WGU lists a wholes lot of stuff. I also know that it has no faculty … rather it brags of sing mentors who do NOT have subject expertise, and using “competency” as a criterion for getting a degree .. i.e. pass fail. Also WGU does not publish completion rates for its students or employment rates.

    Rather than DATA, the site has anecdotes. Suspicious?

    BTW . are you a WGU student? I have asked several students to post but none seems willing to do so.

  3. theaveeditor #


    never did expect a response. Most email like your comes from a faux address. If you wnat yyour address removed. I will do that.

  4. theaveeditor #


    So understand you are na RN and wnat WGU so you can get the coursework required for a BSN.

    May I wish you good luck?

    From what I have heard, the BSN, for an RN, is can be done online because it is mostly about learning rule and best practices rather than the more difficult material you learned as an RN!
    What I would worry about with WGU is whether that is all you want?
    Tyese would be my worries about going for your BSN via WGU?

    1. I understand that most of the course work is about bureaucratica and administrative things. The WGU menotr model may be great at Helping you pass tests. But it may not be useful if you have other ambitions in the real world things any admins needs .. e.g interpersonal skills and the political structure of nursing.

    2, Does reputation matter in nursing? I suspect it does. You might want to ask WGU do give you the names of some grads who can tell you what experiences they have or talk to the HR at a hospital you want to work with.

    3. What do you want to do in nursing? Obamacare will cause HUGE changes in your profession. Nursing is becoming a great alternative to the MD for those able to aquire nurse practitioner or Medex training. Is this a goal of yours? If so I would be very worried about a WGU credential.

    4. Cost and services . The WGU model … no campus, no faculty … can be deceptive about costs. The real value of getting that BSN degree may depend on the kinds of courses and the carear counsel WGU, with no faculty, can not offer.

    Here is a good example. There is burgeoning need for genetics counselors as a result of cheap genomes (a genoime from 23&me costs $100 now). An RN certainly could make this a goal and at a stronger school would be able to take a course in genetic counseling that would qualify her to go into a masters program. The same goes for a number of other opportunities for RNs .. e.g coursework in exercise medicine, many areas of social science, psychiatry, rehab, etc. … none of this is possible in the pass fail, mentor model WGU uses and may leave you out of imortnat job opportunities.

    Can WGU give you data on how well their students compete for advanced training programs? I called them icognito a while back and was told the answer was no … all they would give me were contacts with enthusiastic individuals.

    On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 7:39 PM, Jene Fonah wrote:

    Thank you. I am not a student nor a staff member. However, I have researched many programs, and I am going to start the enrollment process soon. RN-BSN

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    done …

    so, are you a student there or staff?

    On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 7:29 PM, Jene Fonah wrote:

    Now that you know I am a real person please remove my email address. I don’t see any purpose for posting it.


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    see response at

    Stephen M. Schwartz

    Stephen M. Schwartz

  5. Tmothy Bean #

    Go shove your WGU prejudices up your ass