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WARNING: Rocky Times Ahead For UW,

IIf we can market the Huskies, why can’t we market our faculty? Moody’s Investor Services.has downgraded its outlook for all of higher education. The credit rating agency cited  poor revenue prospects: “The U.S. higher education sector has hit a critical juncture in the evolution of its b[...]

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Re-inaugural Day


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5:32AM Sunday Jan 20, 2013 SYDNEY endured its hottest ever day on Friday, with records smashed across the city and thousands of people suffering from the heat. The mercury topped 45.8 at Sydney’s Observatory Hill at 2.55pm, breaking the previous record set in 1939 by half a degree. The city[...]

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Anybody Want to Bet Zuckerberg Will Not Pay Taxes on His $2,300,000,000?

Zuckerberg to sell $2.3bn in shares       Lets see … that would come to about 500,000,ooo![...]

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A Thoughtful Answer to Gun Control

The NRA wants more cops so we can have more guns? OK! But the NRA, and its ilk also want budget cuts? Carl Ballard at Horsesass may have an answer: Make Them Pay by Carl, 12/20/2012, 7:11 PM I’ve been thinking about what the state can do as far as gun control in the next […][...]

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Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written, I haven’t forgotten you, I was just busy, and the coastwise part of this route is always a bit busy. Now that I’m back offshore I have a bit more time. I’ll start by telling about the coastwise portion, we were due to arrive i[...]