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January 11th, 2013 - 6:36 pm § in Misc.

The Reagan $1,000,000,000,000 coin may be real?

“I would refer you to Treasury for specifics of this question,” he said. “I can tell you the president does not believe that there is a backup plan or a Plan B or an off-ramp. The only option here is for Congress to fulfill … its responsibility and ensure the United States pa[...]

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First Depardieu then Bardot .. What happend to Egalite?

    Depardieu Accepts Offer Of Russian Citizenship To Escape Higher Taxes … Bardot threatens to become Russian if France kills elephants  [...]

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DO IT!: FREE Software ..Really!

FREE ADOBE SW …. Adobe inadvertantly made the old CS2 version fo their software suite (Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator) available for free download. The story spread over the web and Adobe has decided not to try stuffing the genie back into the bottle. As of now, you can download the whole of [...]

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Seahawks go to SUPERBOWL … Nate Silver predicts!

As of Friday, the odds are 8:1 AGAINST the Seahawks going to the SUPERBOWL! If  Paul Allen’s  Seahawks win the Superbowl will this stimulate Steve Balmer to go all the way and buy the UW Huskies? CLICKME to get current odds.    [...]

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Watching Iran


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CUBA: Let my people go?

Cuba ready to implement new Migration Act THE Cuban Immigration and Foreign Travel Office (DIE) has announced that the conditions are in place for the entry into force of legal regulations related to the updating of the migration and travel policy, scheduled for January 14. The DIE emphasized that p[...]

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Hamas University TEACHING HEBREW?

Gaza City, Gaza Strip – Hamas Flagship University Grooms Hebrew Teachers January 9, 2013 06:30 PM Gaza City, Gaza Strip – Hamas’ flagship university in Gaza has a new diploma on offer — Hebrew, the official language of its arch-foe… Read More »[...]