How to defeat a Reprican


OK .. by Wednesday we will know which WA state Republicans are Republicans, in the old sense of being rational, conservative and patriotic, and which have become part of the irrational party I call the Repricans.

Since I respect Republicans, and believe most WA state voters are rational,  anyone of our R reps who oppose the fiscal cliff bill ought to be fair meet in 2014.

So .. I am keeping a kept list … the WA delegation all votes with the rational Reoubs!

On the other hand Adam Smith and Jim McDerott  voted with the Dem hard core against it.  I respect that too .. it is rational to show a symbolic flag when your side is so moderate t caves t the Repricans.   Still isnt it odd that the all the WA Republicans  voted WITH then dems and two WA state Dems with the Repricans?



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