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BREAKING NEWS: No New Year’s Celebration in Venezuela

Venezuela Cancels New Year’s Festivities After Chavez Suffers ‘Complications’ In a rough weekend for world leaders’ health, Hugo Chavez ran up against “new complications” after his cancer surgery and remains in “delicate” condition in Cuba.[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: A BAD deal for all but the 1%

“As I see this thing developing — quite frankly, as I’ve said before — no deal is better than a bad deal, and this looks like a very bad deal, the way this is shaking up,” Tom Harkin[...]

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DAVEY JONES: Returning to the pillars of Hercules

I should pass The Rock today or early tomorrow, the weather has been pretty good, but that will of course change once we pass the Pillars of Hercules, but then what would you expect in the North Atlantic in January? The distilling plant is back together and once more making water, potable at the mom[...]

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I thought that was what DEMOCRACY meant?

House Democrats urge GOP to allow vote on Obama’s $250K tax-break threshold Mike Lillis – 12/30/12 07:55 PM ET House Democrats said if Republicans can’t agree within their conference, they should allow a vote on Obama’s proposal.…[...]

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New Year’s Eve!