Have you met Davey Jones??

Davey JonesWell since I last wrote we’ve sailed the 88 miles that connect the Red Sea
to the Mediterranean, had a very short port call in Egypt, the stevedores
only did 300 moves.

So here I am back in the Mediterranean, the weather is much nicer of course,
and I should be in New York on the 7th of January.

Life on here continues on, the generator and purifier are both fixed, and
now I’ve been working on the distilling plant, the wiper has been painting
the containments, the refer and electrician are not speaking, (I’m not sure
why) the cadet and the 2nd got into it on xmas eve, and for some reason not
known the BR has declared war on Tabasco, and is refusing to put it on the
tables, so yes much the same.

I hope that you are surviving the silly season a…

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