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BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian Economy Still a Shamble

Ayoon wa Azan (Getting Ready to Return to Egypt) Sunday ,18 34 2012 The Egyptian economy is a failure. There are no institutions. There is also no correct experience or practice. The economic committee formed by the Muslim Brotherhood is headed by one weak, obscure man who suddenly wants to obtain a[...]

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China: End of the Monroe Doctrine

In ten years we will celebrate the bicentennial of the Monroe Doctrine. When Monroe signed the Doctrine on this day in 1823, the imperial world was a lot like today’s imperium.  The major European powers were dividing up the world using trading companies backed up by their military.  Monroe [...]

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Davey Jones: of pirates and a Republican

Nov 26 We’re into the Southern Red Sea, and that means pirate waters for at least the next week, not much to do about that, just make sure all the doors are locked, and haul ass. It seems that Wiper is mad at the Reefer for leaving a mess on the deck, and the Electrician […][...]

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President Romney: no comment about his favorite singer

President  Romney’s spokesman, Tagg Romney, has said that Mr. Romney will nto comment on the recent actions of a major Romney supporter. Country music superstar  and Republican spokesman, Trace Adkins sang ” “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fie.”  at the Rockefeller Center C[...]