DAVEY JONES: Docking in Egypt, entering the Suez

We made it into Damietta Egypt the night of the 23rd, because of the unrest in Egypt the town was mostly closed, we did get our cargo to include 30 refrigerated containers, I’ll have to check to see what is in them. We left out of Damietta Saturday Morning at 7 and to the Suez anchorage at around noon, we sat on the hook until 1AM Sunday morning when we started to form into our Suez convoy, the Suez is narrow so that ships pass through single file, and began to transit the ditch at 4AM, I expect to Anchor around noon to let the convoy going the other way pass, and the continue on to the Red Sea, we should be there around 5ish this night.
I hope that you and yours had a great Thanksgiving, and that you are well.
Say hi to everyone for me.

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