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HYPE?: Dr. Robert Langer, 64, knows how. Since the 1980s, his Langer Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has spun out companies whose products treat cancer, diabetes, heart disease and schizophrenia, among other diseases, and even thicken hair. Polaris Venture Partners, a Boston venture[...]

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Davey Jones in the Med: He finds a Republican!

Well we passed through the Straights of Gibraltar at around noon today (Monday 19NOV) so we are out of the Atlantic and into the Mediterranean, I’ve always found the Gibraltar straights to be a fascinating place, not only for all of the shipping that passes through there, but you can see both si[...]

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Davey Jones Enters the Med. Saturday

see more about Davey Jones here I hope that you and your family are well not much that is too new my way, it’s Saturday morning and the weather has picked up a bit nothing severe, just 10-15 degree rolls.  But we should be in the Med by tomorrow night. Last Thursday the Chief Engineer […][...]

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ACADEME:Run a University like a business?

  Business Experience As Academic Qualification? Oh, Really? Posted at Academe Blog by Michael DeCesare, associate professor and chair of the Department of Sociology & Criminology, and president of the AAUP Chapter, at Merrimack College. The president of the University of Toledo plans to a[...]