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Davey Jones’ Emails

see more about Davey Jones here Well at least the Atlantic is calm, in fact very calm for this time of year, but I can live with that. I should be in Egypt around the 21ST of this month, and other than that I have little news. Take Care,   (note: this was received several […][...]

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Breaking News: Iran .. China and Russia Join the Effort to Denuke Iran

World powers want new nuclear talks with Iran quickly   By Justyna Pawlak, Reuters (edited) BRUSSELS | Wed Nov 21, 2012 1:37pm EST China and Russia have joined the Europeans and Americans in seeking renewed talks with Iran as fast as possible, reflecting a heightened sense of urgency to resolv[...]

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Do Metazoan Mitochondria Cause Aging?

‘Selfish’ DNA in animal mitochondria offers possible tool to study aging  Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered, for the first time in any animal species, a type of “selfish” mitochondrial DNA that is actually hurting the organism and lessening its chance t[...]