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The Ave Challenge: Do Republicans Ever Win Rhodes Schlarships?

The person in the circle is a recent recent Rhodes Scholar. Can you identify two of the others Rhodes Scholars here who are Republicans? a. US Senator who has a 604-acre  corn, soybean and tree farm. b. Child of a famous US General or Admiral. c. Talking head from Fox News d. Turned down Harvard [&[...]

November 20th, 2012 - 2:33 pm § in Misc.

BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian View of Gaza War .. Blame Israel

Gaza, Obama, and Testing the Arab Spring Friday ,16 56 2012 It would be silly to see it as a response to the launching of rockets from Gaza at Israel by Palestinian groups other than Hamas. Israeli responses have gradually forced Hamas to enter the confrontation after the Islamist movement, along wi[...]

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Democracy 2.0: Local politics cooordinated with the tools of the internet.

The ability of Koch funded national efforts to create LOCAL efforts is not dissimilar to in the mold of thew old Communist Part of America cells. For the last three years I have been depressed by the lack of any LOCAL presence of the Obama campaign in Seattle. This time the  Obama campaign may not [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Rockets land Around Jerusalem