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BREAKING NEWS: The “holy land”

◊ Israel Airstrike Hits Al Aqsa, Hamas TV Station, In High-Rise In Downtown Gaza City   ◊Israeli Military To Citizens: Don’t Facebook, Tweet, Instagram Rocket-Hit Locations   ◊As Gaza fighting continues, both sides voice fears about a land war   ◊ Truce talks ongoing in [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Hamas Taunts Israel: Nyahh, Nyahhu, Nyetahhu, Netanyahu,

If you were going to invade, ‘you would have done it’: Hamas head taunts Israel as airstrikes continue GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Hamas leader Khaled Meshal remained defiant Monday as Israeli jets pounded targets in Gaza, saying the prospect of a ground war was an empty threat. “If you wanted [...]

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Anti Semitism on a Liberal Blog

Over at HorsesAss, Rob asks whether antisemitism Is this more prevalent among liberals than elsewhere in the population? I’d need some evidence to take that seriously. And if not, why mention it? Rob’s question illustrates the problem. Why should anti-Semitism among Southern Baptists or skin[...]

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Friends, Excuse, I hope, this chain letter advocating modifying the Senate rules permitting unchecked filibusters and single-senator holds on Presidential appointments.  Sign it, if you will, at For more on the subject …  Elizabeth Warren at Huff Pos[...]

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WTF is happening in Redmond?

Steven Sinofsky: Windows division head leaves Microsoft This is worrisome.  The man responsible for Windows 8 and the paradigm change that is Surface is leaving Microsoft.  Sinolfsky  payed the Stevc Jobs role as he  demonstrated Microsoft’s Surface tablet  at an event in Los Angeles this yea[...]

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Governor Christie Gets an Education About Big Government

The Education Of A Republican Whatever else it is, the Republican Party certainly cannot claim to be an example of philosophical consistency. Gov. Christopher Christie may be learning that lesson.  During the campaign Christie state of New Jersey was struck by Hurricane Sandy.  FEMA came to the re[...]